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AIG Student Assist Travel Insurance FAQ

Student Assist Insurance Brochure

Q1. When would Student Assist start and end?

A1. Coverage will begin on the latter of the following:
i) The Insured Person’s departure from his Home Country; or
ii) The date the Application and premium are received by Chartis Singapore Insurance Pte Ltd or its designated representative
iii) The date requested on the Application

Coverage will end on the earlier of the following :
i) The Insured Person’s permanent return to his Home Country
ii) The date the Insured Person ceases to be an Eligible Person
iii) The date requested in the Enrolment Form for which premium has been paid

Q2. What should be the duration of my cover?

A2. Preferably the whole duration of your study overseas to avoid the hassle of policy renewal and also save on the total amount of premiums paid.

Q3. Can my parents enrol on my behalf after my departure from Singapore?

A3. Yes! Enrolment by parents/authorised representatives is acceptable. Policy will be effected at date of enrolment upon receipt of full premium.

Q4. I have completed my first year of study and going for my second year. Can I apply for Student Assist?

A4. Yes! Policy will be effective at date of enrolment upon receipt of full premium.

Q5. If I courier/freight some personal belongings to the country of study before my departure, will those properties be covered in case of loss/damage?

A5. No! Only luggage & personal effects that the Insured travels with (i.e. accompanying luggage) will be covered.

Q6. Under the “Compassionate Visit” benefit, it is mentioned in the policy that Chartis will provide a round-trip economy class air ticket, or first class railway ticket, to allow the immediate family member to be at the bedside of the Insured for the duration of the stay in the hospital.
(a) Will Travel Guard assist to provide transportation via other mean such as ferry or coach where appropriate?
(b) If an air ticket AND a railway ticket is required to get to the destination, will they be provided?
(c) For what duration will accommodation charges of the visiting family member be covered?

(a) Yes
(b) Yes
(c) Accommodation charges for the visiting family member will be covered for the duration of Insured’s hospitalisation from the 6th day onwards. This is subject to a maximum of S$320 per day up to the maximum limit specified in the plan selected

Q7. Can an Student Assist policy be terminated:
(a) before the effective date (which is departure date)?
(b) after the effective date?

(a) If 30 days written notice is given to Chartis Singapore Insurance Pte Ltd, policy may be terminated with full refund of premiums? If less than 30 days written notice is given, an administrative charge of S$ 25 will be levied.
(b) If the remaining term of the policy is 6 months or longer, the policy may be terminated with pro-rated refund of the premiums that have been paid.
PS : The above also applies to Family Cover.

Travel Guard Student Assist is underwritten by AIG Asia Pacific Insurance Pte. Ltd.

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Important Notice: This is not a contract of insurance. The exact terms, conditions and exclusions of this travel insurance are specified in the policy contract. No insurance is in force until your application has been accepted.